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Sole Bay Cottage is our house on South Green in Southwold, Suffolk. This site provides information on the house, rental rates and amenities in and around this ancient market town and further afield. Information about Southwold itself is found below. Please click on the links for other information.

Southwold, in Suffolk, is ten miles south of Lowestoft and not far from Aldeburgh. Formerly a busy fishing port, it is now known for its clean beaches, colourful beach huts and the lighthouse standing in the town. It is also the home of Adnams` brewery. Elegant and unspoilt, its brick, flint and colour-washed houses stand round the seven Greens. Life continues at the leisurely pace it has over the years and the local fishermen supply the pubs and restaurants with fresh fish from their huts at the nearby harbour.


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Southwold is the perfect destination in any season. Well known as a relaxing resort for the summer, it is in the other seasons that it really comes into its own. Surrounded by rolling countryside, it is here that a true glimpse of Suffolk is to be had. Farming is still carried out on a more traditional scale in the area, as well as Reed beds in the marsh areas, with all the sights and sounds we expect of farming countryside. The activities and landscape change with the months but the colourful villages continue to nestle peacefully in their hollows. The wood smoke rises vertically from the chimneys as the sun sets in the late Autumn afternoons and the only sounds to be heard are the birds calling as they return to their nests. Returning to Southwold, the rhythmic rise and fall of the waves on the beach muffles all background noise - there is nothing more peaceful - and the delights of the pubs and restaurants beckon for the evening.

More information about Southwold, its locality and amenities are available on the links page